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LANAP Laser Periodontal Surgery Can Regenerate Healthy Gums

Dr. Navid Baradarian continuously remains at the apex of advanced periodontal techniques and procedures, which is why he is offering LANAP® laser periodontal surgery at our New York, NY, office. LANAP, which stands for laser-assisted new attachment procedure, is a surgical laser therapy for the treatment of periodontitis. It works by regenerating gum tissue rather than resectioning it. This gum disease treatment is less invasive than traditional gum grafting and produces lasting results. 

How LANAP Laser Periodontal Surgery Works

During LANAP laser surgery, a dental laser is used to treat the negative effects of gum disease, such as trapped bacteria, inflammation, and hard and soft tissue loss. This PerioLase dental laser more effectively gains access to periodontal pockets and then uses the laser to vaporize bacteria, diseased tissue, and pathologic proteins. Dr. Baradarian can penetrate four millimeters below the gum’s surface with this high-powered laser to remove diseased tissue without harming healthy tissue. Once the unhealthy tissue is removed, the laser creates a stable fibrin clot while interacting with hemoglobin to prevent further bacteria from penetrating the gum line and jawbone.

LANAP is performed in just two appointments, whereas more traditional gum disease procedures, such as gum grafting, could take up to six.

LANAP® Laser Periodontal Surgery

What to Expect with LANAP

LANAP is performed in just two appointments, whereas more traditional gum disease procedures, such as gum grafting, could take up to six. Each LANAP appointment takes about two hours. During the first appointment, the left side of the mouth will be treated, and about a week later, the right side of the mouth will be treated.

Below are the basic steps to expect during your office visit.

  • Anesthesia: Before beginning the procedure, Dr. Baradarian will numb the area with a local anesthetic. If necessary, he can also provide stronger sedation, such as nitrous oxide and oral conscious medication.
  • Tissue Removal: Once you are comfortable, he will insert the PerioLase dental laser into the affected periodontal pocket to remove diseased bacteria and unhealthy tissue.
  • Cleaning: Once the unhealthy tissue has been removed, he will use an ultrasonic scaler and special dental instruments to clean the root surface of the tooth.
  • Blood Clot: After each tooth has been thoroughly treated and cleaned, Dr. Baradarian will re-insert the laser into the pocket to create a gel clot containing periodontal ligament fibers to prevent bacteria from reentering the area.
  • Bite Adjustment: If necessary, Dr. Baradarian may splint your tooth and make a simple bite adjustment to stabilize the blood clot, alleviate pressure, and protect the surgical site from irritation.
  • Healing and Regeneration: Over the course of the next six to 12 months, Dr. Baradarian will monitor your healing as the hard and soft tissues regenerate.
Laser gum therapy

During LANAP, the gums are effectively treated with a concentrated beam of laser energy that leaves healthy tissue intact.

What to Expect during Recovery

Patients are usually able to resume normal activities after treatment, but are advised to take the day off from work. Recovery varies from patient to patient as each individual responds to surgery differently.

It is not uncommon to experience mild soreness and swelling for the first few days after the procedure. You will typically need to remain on a soft-foods diet for about a month to avoid irritating the surgical site. Depending on the severity and complexity of your case, Dr. Baradarian may provide a night guard to protect the surgical site further and promote faster healing. 

Dr. Baradarian generally recommends this procedure when the periodontal pocket depth is normal. If the depth of the pocket is much deeper than usual, a traditional gum graft and regeneration may be preferable.

Benefits of LANAP Surgery

This laser gum disease treatment is the only procedure cleared by the FDA to re-grow soft and hard tissue when degeneration has occurred from gum disease. LANAP laser therapy provides many benefits over traditional gum grafting surgery, such as:

  • Lasting results
  • Less invasive
  • More comfortable
  • Less dental sensitivity post-surgery
  • Less gum recession
  • Least amount of downtime
  • Smooth recovery

Schedule Your Consultation

LANAP laser periodontal surgery provides patients with a less invasive approach to protecting their long-term oral health. Contact our practice today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Baradarian.

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