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Bone Grafting Generates Healthy Jawbone Growth for Dental Implants

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure performed at our New York, NY, practice to replenish bone volume that has been lost due to missing teeth or gum disease. It can also be used to cultivate healthy bone structure in order to achieve the strongest and most secure hold for dental implant placement. Dr. Navid Baradarian can perform dental implant surgery, bone grafting, sinus lifts, and ridge augmentations at our state-of-the-art facility to replace missing teeth and restore your smile. Achieving healthy jawbone volume can prevent further tooth loss and protect your long-term oral health. 

What Is Bone Grafting?

During the bone grafting process, hard tissue from another area of your body or a bone substitute is surgically inserted into your jawbone to stimulate healthy bone regeneration. Dr. Baradarian prefers to use a bone substitute in combination with platelet rich plasma to speed up healing and cause less stress on the body.

With bone grafting, Dr. Baradarian can create a stable foundation for an implant-supported prosthetic to restore dental function and the aesthetics of your smile.

When the jawbone has atrophied from tooth loss, trauma, or gum disease, it can prevent you from qualifying for dental implant placement. Jawbone recession can also lead to severe health conditions, such as dental pain, facial structure changes, and malnutrition. With bone grafting, Dr. Baradarian can create a stable foundation for an implant-supported prosthetic to restore dental function and the aesthetics of your smile, as well and prevent further bone loss from occurring. When this procedure is performed by an esteemed and experienced periodontist such as Dr. Baradarian, your procedure will be smooth and minimally invasive, and you can return home the same day.

What to Expect During the Bone Grafting Procedure

Before beginning treatment, Dr. Baradarian will perform a thorough examination with digital x-rays and scans to determine the level of bone loss. With this information, he will be able create a personalized treatment plan to address your needs. During your consultation, he will discuss the entire bone grafting and dental implant procedure with you, the costs involved, your dental implants timeline, and any of your concerns. Although bone grafting will add additional expense and delay your dental implant procedure, this investment into your oral health will help ensure the long-term stability and success of your implants.

At your bone grafting surgery, Dr. Baradarian will administer anesthesia to ensure you are comfortable throughout the entire procedure. He will then make a small incision in the gums near the missing tooth and insert the combination of platelet rich plasma and bone tissue. Platelet rich plasma uses your platelets and cytokines (growth factors) to stimulate effective tissue regeneration and minimize discomfort.

Depending on your response to surgery, it will take about three to six months for the bone graft to integrate with your jawbone. During this time, Dr. Baradarian will carefully monitor your progress through a series of follow-up appointments. He will also provide you with post-surgical instructions to promote quick healing and prevent infection from developing. Once you have fully healed, you will be ready for dental implant placement surgery.

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Bone grafting has allowed many more candidates to enjoy the benefits of dental implants. If you are interested in learning more about this procedure, contact our practice today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Baradarian.

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