All About All On 4's

All About All On 4's

All About All On 4's

All About All On 4's

All About All On 4's

All About All On 4's

Published on December 28, 2018
By Perio On The Park | Central Park, New York

If you need to replace a tooth or teeth, you may have found that the dental market just isn’t what it was for your grandparents. Gone are the days of a single option to complete your dental needs. Tooth replacement has several options, many of which are on the leading edge of dental science. You’ve likely heard of dentures and bridges, but implants and now, All-on-4’s are less known by dental patients. It is important to understand what your options are and how those options might benefit you. Educated patients can help make the best decisions for their medical and dental needs.


A Guide to All-on-4’s

All-on-4’s build from the idea behind the dental implants and then broaden that idea. Dental implants are designed to replace a tooth, through the insertion of a post into the bone that underlies your gums. This titanium post is then fitted with a special implant that is personally designed for each patient. The implant will match your tooth size, shape, bite pattern, and even the color of your natural teeth. Implants offer some great benefits over dentures and bridges. The post that is inserted into the bone helps to maintain and even regrow new bone. This supports your jaw strength and resilience and doesn’t lead to bone loss and additional tooth loss. Implants also offer stability. Patients know that their implant doesn’t move freely around their mouth when they talk or eat in any setting.

All-on-4’s build on this idea, but then apply the science to dentures. This approach installs four implant posts into the bone to support an entire row of dentures. This means that you can be fitted with an entire upper or lower with less hassle than complete implants, and more peace of mind than dentures. Once the posts are installed, our dentist will fit a customized denture onto those posts that mimic your natural teeth.

Calculating the Cost of All-on-4’s

Costs are always tricky to calculate and can vary depending on your needs or even your location, so it is important to talk to our dentist. However, many patients fail to calculate the complete cost of all their options. Remember that dentures require special adhesives, cleaners, and need regular dental visits for adjustment, repair or replacement. Additionally, many insurance plans cover the All-on-4 procedure and equipment, but you should check with your insurance provider to verify your coverage.

Types of Materials

All-on-4’s offer some different options depending on your need or preference when it comes to how they are constructed. The standard for this denture type is a titanium framework with acrylic overlay. The acrylic is molded and colored to look like your natural teeth. Acrylic is also durable and is used in many applications in modern dentistry.

Some patients feel that porcelain dentures provide a more realistic look and feel. Fortunately, All-in-4’s are also offered in porcelain.

Care for Your All-on-4’s

Implants are specifically designed to look and feel just like your natural teeth. Incredibly, they should also be treated a lot like your natural teeth. Your dental regimen should remain pretty much the same.


This means that you should brush twice a day and floss daily. Ensure that you visit the dentist at your regular appointment times (every six months). You also want to avoid toothpaste that is abrasive, as these can scratch and wear the surface of your implants. Our dentist may have some additional guidance.


If you’re considering replacing an arch or both arches of your mouth with some type of dental work, contact us at our office in Central Park, New York and talk to our dentist today about the All-on-4 procedure. The advanced science helps to retain bone health, offers straightforward care, and can give you back a smile you deserve! Dr. Baradarian is a top Periodontist in the New York Area, and he uses top quality materials from Straumen. Schedule an appointment Central Park Periodontist Dr. Baradarian today.